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Bloggin’ Recap: March 23rd-29th

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blogginrecapheader.jpgIt’s Sunday, the beginning of a new week so that means it’s time for a Bloggin’ Recap. A feature inspired by A Bookish Heart. Every Sunday I’ll get the chance to tell you what’s going on in my life, what I’ve posted for the week, what to expect in the upcoming week and posts I enjoyed from other bloggers.


In Real Life


On Tuesday I found out that I NEED GLASSES!!!! I’m strangely excited over this development being the ONLY person in my family of five that does not wear glasses. In fact I use to be so jealous of my family members that I would lie to the eye doctor as a child to try to cheat myself to some specs. I guess I did it in a rather obvious way because my results made it seem as if I was legally blind yet I wasn’t running into any walls making the whole thing fishy…darn my nine year old brain!

But at twenty two my eyesight has definitely decreased in quality. I can still legally drive without them and such, I’ve just noticed words farther away are becoming more difficult to read and you all know how much I love words, so I couldn’t let this continue.

The eye doctor deemed my eyes glasses worthy, saying that I wasn’t required to actually wear them for anything but that I would see better with them. I know it doesn’t really make sense but I DON’T CARE because now I get to wear glasses!!! Although I am a little afraid that it’s going to be like my excitement over riding the bus the first time. Will glasses start to lose their charm after a while like the bus did?

That’s pretty much it for this week, though next week will feature some exciting developments. One of which is an interview for a possible job (which I desperately need to feed my book buying habit) and the other is TOP SECRET, but shall be shared if everything goes smoothly.

My friend is starting a blog soon and she wants to water mark her photos. Does anyone know of a free photo editing site that can accomplish this?

This month you all voted for Hermione to feature for In Their Shoes. Who will you vote for next month?

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  • Bella Swan from Twilight (48%, 11 Votes)
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  • Clary Fray from City of Bones (13%, 3 Votes)
  • Tessa Gray from Clockwork Angel (13%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 23

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