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It’s here guys. The thing we’ve all been waiting for, the next big thing. LitRate. A new book cataloguing site that promises to deliver everything Goodreads has to offer AND MORE! LitRate is a project inspired by Ashley @ Nose Graze and her husband, the Coding God. (Don’t you wish your husband had a cool nickname?) If you don’t know much about Ashley I can tell you she’s a web design genius. She is the founder of Creative Whim, creator of the Ultimate Book Blogger plug in and recently launched Book Host. Her husband doesn’t need much explanation– the nickname stands for itself. Ashley has made her mark on the book blogging community and now she strives to do so again with LitRate– the next big thing since sliced bread.

Now wait a minute! Isn’t there already a very popular book cataloging site called Goodreads?

Why yes there is, however can you say that you are 100% satisfied with Goodreads? You know what, no product is perfect, so just answer me this: are you 80% satisfied with Goodreads? I’m willing to bet that answer is no.

You see Goodreads took a great idea– creating a book cataloging site– but then locked their doors to our needs. Do you realize that Goodreads has been up and running for SEVEN YEARS and we still don’t have a half star option? That is ridiculous. If Steve Job had worked their for seven years we’d not only have a half star rating option but he would have figured out how to reach up and take a star from the sky and put it in your review. Goodreads has given excuses for not allowing half stars for reviews and those excuses may be reasonable but what it still boils down to is US, THE READERS repeatedly asking and Goodreads repeatedly denying.

Well, half stars aren’t a big deal to me because I never use them in my reviews.

Okay, lets pretend we live in a world  where books ALWAYS fit into a whole star score [eye roll] fine. Then Goodreads must run perfect for you then right? You never once have trouble with their search bar or anything…right? Wrong! Their search bar’s mission is to make it as hard as possible to find a book. Let’s say you searched for a book by typing this:


Your result comes up as:


Is that not extremely infuriating? Computers are supposed to be smarter than us! But unfortunately the use of stop words like ‘by’ dumbfounds the computer and it can’t help you. Have a nice day.

Or what if you make a minor spelling error such as this:



Your result is:


Goodreads has absolutely no idea what you’re talking about because of TWO swapped letters?! Goodreads kind of feels like playing Peek-A-Boo with a baby who thinks you actually vanish when you put your hands in front of your face. It’s cute on a one year old, not so much a search engine.

LitRate not only promises to rectify these matters but even goes a step further. It has created the perfect search engine for mood readers! If you look at the picture below you’ll see that you can use keywords to FIND books or EXCLUDE books.

Copyright © 2014 LitRate. I’m telling you, the next big thing since sliced bread.

There are a bunch of other key features proving that LitRate is the way to go and you can learn more about them in the links below. But now I want to talk to you about why LitRate needs your support. Creating a project takes money and in this case– a lot of it. Ashley and her husband are more than willing to front the server costs, but when they found out that the book data will cost $16,000 a year, they knew they needed help.

They’ve created a kickstarter fund that you can find here. If you could donate a small bit, even if it’s a dollar, it could really make a difference. Ashley even has it set up so that depending on how much you donate you can earn perks. For example, donating just $20 guarantees you access to the beta.

My take on this whole idea is that this is an opportunity to have an active voice in the book community. It’s a lot like economics, if everyone spent $100 a year in locally owned businesses instead of corporations you would then see a big surge of money flow throughout the economy. If we all put a little effort into this then we can all see payback in terms of having a site that will listen to our needs instead of pretending like they can’t hear us. LitRate is community driven and it is for that reason alone you should support it. Take a hand in shaping your environment. Don’t let Amazon take over the world  (seriously).

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How do you feel about LitRate? Share below and happy reading!

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8 responses to “LitRate: The Next Big Thing

  1. Great post! I’m so incredibly excited for LitRate! I’ve already donated and I’m keeping my fingers crossed we’ll make it. The half stars are such a huge issue for me and just having developers I know will listen and care is so exciting!

    • Thank you, I’m so excited too! Yes, I’m most looking forward to the intimate aspect of the site. I know that Ashley will always listen and try to implement a site that caters to everyone’s needs. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. I don’t think I’m even 80% satisfied with GR. At least not anymore. Of all of the sites I’ve tried, it is the best, but it still has a lot of problems. My frustration has been growing lately (coincidence that it’s happening when LitRate was announced? Maybe.), especially after one of my reviews was deleted! I don’t know when it happened, but certainly in the last month, since that’s when I posted it! I also found a couple of to-read books missing. I can’t even view my to-read shelf or my All Books shelf to see what else is missing. WTF GR?!

    I honestly don’t mind not having half stars. The only half rating I ever use on my blog is 4.5. Although sometimes on BookLikes, I’ll give a 3.5 or 2.5, if I’m kind of wavering on my rating, but for most part it’s easy for me to decide whether to rate up or down. But, I suppose it would be nice to have a more accurate portrayal of my rating somewhere.

    Their search engine is soooo dumb! It also doesn’t like books with & in them. The other day I tried to search for Salt & Storm within my own shelves, but I typed “and” instead. Results? Nothing! But underneath it showed the book as a suggestion! Um, yeah! That’s what I was looking for, so why didn’t you show it to me?! Obviously they knew what I meant since it came up as a suggestion! It’s like GR is playing stupid for some reason.

    I need LitRate to happen! It’s everything I wish GR was and more!

    • Wow are you serious?! It sounds like GR is making it really easy for you to support LitRate, the deleting part is SO offensive. They should have at least taken the time to write you a message explaining first! But that’s what you get with a corporation, it’s all about profit to them, not the users.

      I’m totally with you Angie, WE NEED LITRATE TO HAPPEN! 🙂

  3. LOL the Goodreads search function pisses me off EVERY SINGLE FREAKING TIME. Sometimes I try searching for a title that I’m not so sure of, and Goodreads is of no help. zilch. nada. zzzz. I’m only using it because it’s the best option we have as of now, but really, I wish we had better! Super excited for LitRate and sincerely wish it will come true *crossed fingers* 🙂